Christina E Mreese, Quakertown, Pennsylvania

This is the type of person that is very insecure about herself. As it turns out, these is securities cause her to cheat with co-workers. She slept with a married man, Jason Barnes, from the Faulkner service center in Quakertown, pa. Then was forced to quit Faulkner when she was caught stealing $300 cash from a customer Rodrigez’s payment envelope. After managing to get another job working for Sonoco Thermosafe Corp in Montgomeryville pa as a administrator, she has now slept with five men at her work, 3 of which her current girlfriend. if you know this vile person, or if you have found her sexting someone you know, she is already sleeping with them. As a topper to this awfulness, she is sleeping with a contractor and trading s*x for a discount on insurance work on her home. such a amazing parent of 2!


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