Christian S. Hendrickson, San Jose, California

Christian Hendrickson is a dirty liar and a filthy cheater. I thought this boy was the real deal. He flew from Panama to California to be with me, yet during our entire relationship I found out he was playing me. I gave everything to him so he could start a new life here with me. I found an apartment for him, bought him tons of stuff to furnish it with and make it homey, I even gave him an iPhone 4s so he could stay in contact with me and all his friends back home. Little did I know that after I broke up with him a couple days ago, I would find out that our whole relationship was a lie. I broke up with him thinking that we would part our ways, no hard feelings, and become friends again later on in life. When I got back my iPhone, i found naked pictures of other girls and text messages from random girls begging him to come over and hook up with them. I found naked pictures of himself that I never received, and g*d knows what else is on that phone. Apparently in one of the text messages, he had borrowed money from some girl and then just abandoned her and left her heart broken. He’s clearly a con artist. He had the common sense to log out of all his applications, but the a*****e thought I was stupid and wouldn’t go through his texts or pictures? This kids dream is dead. Sorry Christian, but nobody f***s with bay area girls and gets away with it. Especially me.


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