Chris Welch, Tompkins Cove, NY or Brooklyn, NY, sometimes Albany, NY

Has a long time Girlfriend in Utica NY. Has been cheating on her using OKCupid, Tinder, and other dating sites since 2012 at least. He appears to a nice sweet, awkward guy in his early 30’s but he’s really a sneaky, sly, no good cheating a*s.

He poses as either “Single” or wanting “friends” (who are, by coincidence, all female) on dating sites. He’s caused havoc heartache in Mid-town, Rockland, and Albany.

His girlfriend caught him once, and forgave him. People keep forgiving him, and so he never learns.

His Twitter tag is @chriswelch.

Don’t be fooled by his innocent face. He’ll make a million excuses to fool stupid girls into believing him. At the moment, he’s sleeping around in Brooklyn with his poor gf knowing nothing up in Utica.


178 thoughts on “Chris Welch, Tompkins Cove, NY or Brooklyn, NY, sometimes Albany, NY

      1. he may look like a greasy hairball but he’s not only got a GF he’s also f*****g his way across New York while she pretends not to know. Girls with no self estem, his GF included, let him get away with this c**p so he keeps doing it.

  1. Don’t see the innocence in his face, sounds like a typical freak to me. He’s really feminine looking too so what real woman would want him. He has to stoop and target the stupid ones who would fall for this c**p.

  2. He is part of some hipster website called the Verge. Maybe that’s how he pulls game, by pretending he’s a big deal. Or he’s just smart and goes for the stupid ones, or the ones with low self esteem. Still, even insecure morons don’t deserve to be used and played.

    1. I agree with you Brook Star, no one deserves to be used. I can’t stand those hipsters they are just a bunch of arrogant bastards. Ew his beard is so gross, some guys look sexy with beards but not him!

  3. He approached me a few weeks ago and I was way to smart for him. I actually made him look stupid and I could tell his inflated ego was hurt. I would never date this sack of s**t. Looking at his pic makes me throw up in my mouth!

  4. His GF is @secondsflat on Twitter. Hopefully someone gives that poor chick a heads up. One screw up is easily forgiven but this guy is literally f*****g his way up and down state and has been regularly for years. Gross!

  5. Verge, verge, verge, vergity verge…..feel like saying the work Verge here for some reason… Must be on the Verge of a great way to keep cheaters like this one off the map 😉

    Seriously tho this guy is a creeper, one of my friends was rebounding at a party, hooked up with him. Then she saw a call from his gf come in on his phone.

    She was devastated because she isn’t the type to ruin other peoples relationships and she felt like a total s**t after that.

  6. This a*****e is a disgusting pig!! I met him at a party recently and he tried picking me up, I rejected him and he started groping a 16 year old girl. She wasn’t even a mature looking 16 year old, she had no b*****s or curves, she was shaped like a little boy. Which tells me he likes little boys.

  7. Who would want to sleep a trainwreck like him? He tried hitting on me too. His girlfriend is better off without him.

    1. Ur right Maven, his GF would be better off without him IF she were smart enough to dump his a*s. She let’s him get away with this sneaky s**t every time so he never learns. Just keeps doing it because nothing happens when he gets caught.

  8. Hit on me recently too. I was drunk, so I fell for it. I feel terrible. To his gf: I’m so sorry, I didn’t know till after.

    Here’s another recent pic of this dude.

    Excuse me while I take shower number 437. There isn’t enough soap in the world to make me feel not slimy after that.

  9. He hit on me just over a month ago. I bought his nice sweet guy act. Then, a week later, I found out about his GF, through one of his co-workers actually. I was so embarrassed. If his GF sees this, sorry sweetie, I really didn’t know.

    His OKCupid was Technerdface, but he’s shut it down recently.

  10. He likes guys too. I had s*x with him last week and he stole money from my wallet. He is a real douche bag and is lame in bed. Plus he has smelly breath.

  11. He travels a lot for work, or for “work” and then he fools around while his girl can’t see it an no one knows to tell her about his act.

    He gets so much a*s because he can pass for a single guy reeeeal easy. Wonder why. 😉

    It hurts the chicks more when he nails and nails on them tho. My crush was crushed by this a*s a while back.Thought she was rejected by this looser till she found out.

    These days she calls me bae so for once the right guy won. Love my girl and would NEVER cheat on her.

    Wish she hadn’t gone thru that tho. She was pretty sad. Also feel bad for the GF he’s cheating on.

    Site he works for is cool tho. Verge does lots of tech reviews.

  12. Ew. He looks pathetic and gross. How the f**k does he have a real GF? His GF is probably fake so he really shouldn’t be on this site, lol. Skanky b*****s shouldn’t blame him for mistakes they made when they were so trashed they couldn’t see who they went home with

    1. I agree with you BBabe212. He does look gross and pathetic and those women who do fall for him are skanky, no brain trash.

  13. I don’t know the whole story, or this guy, or any of the posters or people involved.

    What I DO know is that when some guy featured here writes a story about a cheaters website being hacked less than a month later, it’s funny as h**l.

    Laughing my a*s off…feeling for the poor b*****d featured here too though.

    1. Just found the article! That is too funny! If anyone were dumb enough to marry this sneaky sad sack then I’m sure his info would be in the leaked data too.

      It’s both sad and hilarious at the same time!

  14. Here’s another pic of just him but there aren’t any of him with a chick. U sure he’s cheating? He doesn’t look like that type, not cute enough. LOL maybe Brook go turned down a she’s jelly or mad a guy like him shot her down.

    Hey Brook let’s see pics of u now!

    1. Blah586: not a cheater so no reason for my pic to be here. Sry not sry creeper.

      For ur actual question: he’s a tech writer, dumbass! Of course he’s not gonna let his b*****s take pics! He’s not that dumb, even if all the girls he f***s are.

      Even morons deserve respect tho. So: hopefully some dumb/insecure girl out there looking at chris thinking why not he’s the best she can do sees this and goes home alone w/dignity instead of with Chris f*****g Welch.

      Believe what you want. Just don’t say u weren’t warned.

      Girls, reminder: beware this face.

  15. H! This is one of the most appalling things I’ve ever come across. Anonymous hatred — almost all of it likely posted by the same, deeply unstable person — published in a sad effort to slander my name. How unfortunate is your life that this is entertaining or worthwhile? Look into your mental health issues. Seek assistance if necessary. Bitterness doesn’t have to consume your whole being like this, I promise.

    The bulk of what’s written here is fabricated, utter nonsense. (16-year-olds? Guys? Care to provide some more details or specifics about where I allegedly met some of you? *Anything* resembling evidence? Didn’t think so.) I deceived someone I deeply cared for at one point in my life, yes. And others were misled in the process. But our private missteps and mistakes — regardless of how you might judge them — don’t justify the self-righteousness and high-horse bullshit on display here. It’s disturbing witch hunting. And again, 99 percent of what’s here has apparently been fantasized from thin air.

    There is no relationship now. No one is being lied to or tricked. People learn from their errors, and I’m ever-mindful of mine. But feel free to continue with your internet lynch mob tactics. I’d offer to help with the grammar end of things (yikes), but I won’t be revisiting this place. And hey, I’m pretty f*****g easy to get a hold of if you think that I’ve ever somehow wronged you.

    Chris Welch

  16. Holy s**t…you made me drop my popcorn!

    Dude, you just fed the trolls. Assuming you are who you internet say you are, you just made this train wreak look at least partially legit.

    You’ve broken 2 very important life rules every man needs to know to survive:

    1. Don’t stuck your **** in crazy.
    2. Don’t feed the trolls!!!!

    Good luck, man. Stick to your words and don’t come back to this BS page. Refuting the trolls will only make things worse, especially if any of what they posted was even remotely the smallest bit true. Let it sink to the bottom of the internet where it belongs.

    I speak from experience when I say this: the best way to confront internet bullshit is the place where trolls have no power: the real world. Trolls usually met when they have to face their internet actions in reality.

    If it’s not worth a confrontation or you have no clue who it is, best thing is to walk away.

    If you aren’t the real Chris Welch and you’re just some poser: well played. You’ve got this loser rooting for the real Chris Welch!

  17. Where there’s smoke there fire, and cheaters deserve what they get. If you’re admitting part of what’s written is true then you’re a person to avoid, and who knows what you’ve done that you won’t admit to?

    I’ll bet the psycho girl you p****d off had crazy friends that helped post stuff. It does look like mostly bs.

    Anyway I’ll bet most of the people seeing this are NOT looking for you, if that’s any comfort. Let’s just say you have a very common name.

    Learn a lesson, change your ways, and your life will become better. Stay the same and you’ll get more of the same.

  18. Wow, so you actually HAD a GF and then ruined it by cheating? Didn’t see that coming. Guess u got caught, got dumped too. Serves u right!

    Ur perfect grammar won’t keep your bed warm at night, won’t love you back, won’t be there for you in times of need. If u get a new GF u better treat her right. In the meantime, enjoy ur “Grammar Bae”. She’s all you deserve.

  19. What is wrong wth you people? This is no way to treat a person regardless of what they’ve done! Show the mercy and forgiveness you would want if you had been in this poor man’s shoes.

    And remember: “He who is without sin may cast the first stone.”

  20. I’m going to take a really novel approach here and just pass through without commenting or judging because this is nobody’s business but the people directly involved.

  21. Well, this was rather disappointing to find. It’s a shame. Seemed like a nice person, but this is too much and too recent for anyone to want to have to deal with.

  22. So, which smart phone is best for cheating with, iPhone or Android, and why? Does one have better security features, or is one better for apps?


    Seriously though next time don’t get caught and if you do, listen to Shaggy and tell them “It wasn’t me.”

  23. Hypocrites and liars. All of you.

    C- You want to talk grammar? “Others were mislead,” is the passive “I’m not responsible for my actions” tense. Try “I lied to other people and I hurt them in the process.” That’s owning your actions and taking responsibility for them.

    Condescendingly remarking about the grammar also just reveals how little you have to say and how badly you want to cover up your own mess. You’re also clearly not above mud slinging yourself.

    BS and other contributors- You’ve earned some really bad juju for this, making a crappy situation far worse than it had to be. Is it really worth potentially hurting the other parties involved to dump anger on one idiot that you probably don’t even know? Exaggeration or truth, this kind of thing did not need to make it to the internet. You’re all clearly a group of small town losers with nothing to do but gossip. Stick to talking about your “stories” from afternoon TV, Maury, and the sale at the local super market. Or for a refreshing change of pace, try “The News”.

    There are far worse things out there. Go internet rage against them instead of spreading more hurt all over your pathetic town/county because you’re board or want to see how the story plays out.

    1. Don’t u mean bored, not board? Lol, also looks like someone is taking things pretty personally. Wonder what that means? Not my fault what other people write, and the man can’t deny he was up to no good. Maybe you could give more detailed info since ur so smart and superior.

  24. If you were working at MY company you’d be fired, immediately! If you can’t even take charge of your women, how can you be trusted to take charge of a company’s assets?

    Lucky for you, you can atone for your mistakes and redeem yourself by voting for me. Help clean up the mess, and Make America Great Again!


    Please don’t vote for this man. Also, actually learn from your mistakes for once.

    -DT’s Hair, it’s seen things.

    *not really

  25. The photos above belong to the person in them, not this website. The website has watermarked these photos as their own for use without the photographer’s permission. That is considered content stealing.

    Here is a link to a form one can fill out to have the photos removed if the site does not do so voluntarily.

  26. The above statements about Mr. Welch are inflammatory and false, all misrepresentations of the above’ character. I can personally vouch for Mr. Welch’s good character as can many others, personally and professionally. He is a person worth knowing, an excellent network resource and a morally upright human being.

    The images that are being used here are being watermarked by this website for its own use without the permission of the photograph’s owner. This is considered stolen content, because of the water mark, and is, therefore, a copy right violation and will be treated as such.

    It is recommended that further posters refrain from spreading false information unless they wish their posts to be part of any subsequent action.

    A redaction from the original poster is also in order.

  27. you’re an idiot and you don’t deserve what you have available to you. You might as well enjoy since its out of reach for the rest of us. Just saying, there’s a lot of us who can’t get more than the time of day because she’s stuck on you. In spite of things.

  28. You can’t trust a tech savvy cheater they’re too good at covering their tracks. Lol, this was not the article I was looking for but it was educational.

  29. Wow…just…wow. This is quite the sordid tale. There’s just so much going on here I don’t know where to start! I’m impressed, in fact.

  30. So women were actually fighting and/or jealous over this guy at some point? I find that hard to believe. I call BS on this one.

  31. Lol! Just what you’d expect from the king of the salivating Apple fanboys. Seriously this guy sounds like he’s drooling in the iMac review. It’s gross. Also if he sounds like he’s trying to be seductive in a computer review, imagine how it sounds when he’s trying to pick up Ladies! I’m gonna die laughing.

  32. Lol! Just what you’d expect from the king of the salivating Apple fanboys. Seriously this guy sounds like he’s drooling in the iMac review. It’s gross. Also if he sounds like he’s trying to be seductive in a computer review, imagine how it sounds when he’s trying to pick up Ladies! I’m gonna die laughing.

  33. Hah! Creepy iMac reviewer guy caught creeping and conniving his way into ladies c-

    -onversations. 😉

    Not much to look at, must mean he’s a cunning linguist!

    Seriously though he sounded like a sleezy guy on the vid, and that combined with this mess looks bad. Skeevy!!!

  34. It’s the Rockland Horror picture show! Seriously what a bunch of small town losers. Leave the man alone, your mad he made someplace real and you all didn’t.

    Still wouldn’t date him though.

  35. You people are cruel, heartless monsters, and in the end karma will remember the words you’ve written here and pay out accordingly. You are talking about a person with feelings for crying out loud. Be kind, or be silent.

  36. Anon, are you actually Chris Welch? Your skin is too thin to be a professional fanboy, I mean “journalist”. Go write about some real news, like something that actually matters, instead of playing with overpriced toys, and then maybe people will respect you/your work.

  37. Anon-why do his feelings matter more than anyone elses? What about the people he hurt? Go cry over them instead theyre people too. Talk about karma maybe if he hadn’t been messing around this wouldn’t have happened. Also freedom of speech you can’t just tell people to shutup.

  38. I feel bad for anyone stupid enough to fall for this loser. Shows a total lack of self esteem and IQ points. There’s a reason this post has like, more comments on it than the others. Some of the above are not true (he doesn’t like guys or teens, that’s just gross and wtf is wrong with you) but the others are true and the people who lied were probably other people he hurt anyway looking for a chance to get back at him.

    Like someone said, where theres smoke, theirs fire. Also, once a lying, cheating, sneaky sleazebag, always a lying, cheating, sneaky sleazebag. Looking pathetic is just a disguise for this creep to get women to think he’s cute, feel sorry for him or want to rescue him. Engage at ur own risk.

  39. BS, aka Brook Star, whoever the actual f**k you really are: let me state this plainly. No one f*****g cares anymore. Not even the victims of your stupid f*****g prank, not the people that had an actual reason to be upset at CW, NO ONE.

    We’ve all moved on with our lives. If you want to play with the trolls, great. Have fun. But don’t kid yourself into believing you’ve done anyone any f*****g favors by “warning” them about anything, here or elsewhere.

    All you’ve done is spread a short lived circle of bad feeling that has long ago dissipated. Those with any sort of grievance against CW have long since forgiven, forgotten, and moved on.

    Get over yourself. Read a book. Go outside, get some fresh air, I hear Troll Caves are stuffy and some sunshine will do you some good.

    Whatever hurt lead you to pull this s**t was bad, I’m sure, but this c**p helped no one and caused harm to parties who shouldn’t have been involved in whatever problems you had with CW. This did NOTHING.

    All you did was toss some hurt around. It landed on your intended victim and also someone not involved in your c**p, but then it faded and it’s over and no one cares what’s written in some cesspool of the f*****g Internet.

    Drop the stupid prank while you can. Walk away. You’re done “Brook”. DONE.

  40. This is not an article about tablet recomendations!This is probably one of the most f****d up things I’ve seen online in a while that wasn’t a political longread. I’m laughing because it’s so horrible not because it’s funny.

    Anyway, The man may or may not have a clue about women, but he knows his tablets. iPadAir2 for the average man with a large phone. Gives good info on specs for the other recent releases though that may be handy for professionals seeking a tablet. Microsoft surface and apple’s pro’s are not bad for people doing actual work on them.

    This is incredible. I can’t even think what to say, so, hm. I’ll just say, “And a delightful afternoon to you as well, sir.”

  41. D**n this guy is fugly! How’d he even get a girl at all? He sounds gross too if you ever go to the Verge site and watch his reviews! Nobody likes an ugly old fanboy who can’t even be thankful when he gets some action.

    1. Nine, the only thing ugly here are the minds and hearts of the people who decided to take the time to trash talk a total stranger. That goes for any other potential hecklers out there. Leave the man alone. He’s been through enough. You are being terrible people. Just stop already.

      1. Only thing ugly here besides Chris Welch is you Anon. Your ugly. Your fat. Your a hag. And you’re f*****g dumb! Why would you thing anyone wanted you out of anything other than being desperate? Lol your the troll not me.

  42. To the idiot that wrote this: you misspelled the name of the town, and you can’t type for s**t.

    To the idiot featured here: if half of what was said was true, you can’t say you didn’t deserve at least part of this.

    You can’t run around hurting people and expect them not to fight back. High-ish profile or not, you still have to treat people right or deal with the consequences. That’s just how life works.

  43. D**n. It’s always the quiet ones. You’d never guess it from knowing Chris in person…but seeing his own words here is pretty hard to deney at least some of this is true.

    Hope Chris learned his lesson and changed for the new year. Actions have consequences. When you don’t treat people with respect you risk retaliation. Right or wrong, hurt people don’t always think clearly and are more likely to commit acts of bullying, and that’s what happened here.

    If you’re seeing this, which I hope you are not since its been a while and I hope you’ve moved on: Be good in Vegas, is my advice to you. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore. The Internet has a big mouth, and not everyone is your friend.

  44. My friend is unwell. She stopped talking to everyone in March. Us. Older friends from her hometown. College friends. EVERYONE

    She turned into a different person, slowly, over the last few years, after he came into her life.

    Every time he comes back in or out of it she ends up worse.

    It looks like he came back briefly and judging by her social media posts, left again.

    I think we missed a call from her on Saturday. She blocked the number. Maybe she called by accident. She has us blocked. We can’t call her back.

    He also wrote a post about her on this site. After HE got caught cheating by his gf at the time.

    We suspect that’s when the SH began.

    I miss our friend.

    I hope she’s ok.

    Nowhere else to say this.

    I hope someone sees this.

  45. He’s a wannabe foodie who can’t cook himself. He likes girls who can, so women who love food: watch out!

    Sad thought is that the highlight of his existence is his ability to photograph a sandwich. He’s really good at it, but it doesn’t compensate for his inability to commit to anything. Or anyone.

    He’s a spoiled man-child who has never had a place of his own, he leaches off his family for everything and never has had to consider anyone else’s needs in his life.

    I doubt anyone will read this, but it needed to be said.

  46. I’ll bet this is another scumbag at the Verge taking Apple money. What a drooling scumbag, how do ugly f***s like him even get laid to start with? Do some women just have no self respect?

  47. He looks like a 5 year old with a badly made handcrafed imitation beard in his latest profile pic, but that’s just my opinion. Judge for yourself. Also it looks like he def has commitment issues, from what I see in the description, but that’s not exactly a crime.

  48. His okc profile pic doesn’t even look like him anymore. It looks like a teenager using too many Snapchat filters. Lol. He’s getting worried because he’s old and alone. That’s what happens to guys who sleep around and treat women bad: they die alone.

  49. Enjoy being alone in old age you overgrown man-child. Your just a spoiled little boy living in a middle aged man’s body. But go ahead and keep pretending your 22 though.

  50. He’s going to spend the rest of his life writing s****y phone reviews that look exactly like the review of he previous model, and photographing sandwiches for sport.

    Just imagine your lifetime achievement being an insta of a BLT or tuna melt.

  51. This man-baby has no reason to feel so proud of himself. He got his job from a buddy and lives with his family still. He’s over 30 and hits on younger women because the ones his age don’t have time for his garbage. He sounds like he’s stoned most of the time too. And his reviews suck. I was looking for one when I found this instead.

  52. He pretends to be shy so women think he’s just cute instead of creepy. Oldest trick ever, he’s an awkward fuckboy who never grew up.

    Too bad. He might be a decent person if he stopped acting half his age.

  53. He sounds like he’s stoned when he talks, and he definitely eats like he’s always got the munchies. Maybe it was cute when he was 20 but he’s got wrinkles and a beer belly now. Too laid back, not aging well, and has commitment issues: what a catch. Goes to show you: sooner or later that lifestyle has a price.

  54. He’s still not over his last gf lol what a dumbass next time treat her right and stop being a fuckboi you’re not hot enough to pull it off

  55. Does not look like his photos. He looks a lot rougher in person, he’s just really good at editing his photos because he does it professionally.

    He always has bags under his eyes and he’s definitely showing signs of age and an unhealthy lifestyle, mentally and physically.

  56. He’s a fat b*****d who drinks too much and writes s****y phone reviews for a living. His hobby is clearly sad eating. Confirmed in his photos and in the sag of his gut.

    But yeah he’s available.

  57. This guy tries to act like he’s still in college or something. It’s screamingly obvious he just wants to be one of the cool kids. Sadly, the cool kids grew up and moved on to being functional adults over half a decade ago. At least.

    You’re living in the past, man. For your own benefit: grow up. You’ll be happier if you make the effort.

  58. Best way to not get caught is to not do wrong to start with.

    Also real men own up to their actions instead of crying and whining when they have to deal with the consequences.

    Your profile shows you only give a s**t about the inconvenience to yourself, man. Yeah this page is f****d up beyond belief but you’re admitting yourself there’s some truth to it so that means you really hurt someone, or several people. Actions come with consequences, that’s like the first rule of being an adult.

  59. “Crusified”? More like just actually being called out for your bs instead of people suffering it in silence.. LOL also if you’re admitting you did something wrong than everyone else saying so isn’t exactly slander. Slander implies a total fabrication.

  60. I love how he keeps calling his family’s home “his” apartment, like he owns it or something. What a liar!

  61. Uses way too many filters on his selfies, is always late, & terrible at returning messages. Overall I’d say he’s just too emotionally lazy to date. He’s good for a drink once or twice and that’s about it.

  62. He’s not into commitment, or even conversation really.

    Basically,unless you’re a phone or, better yet, a sandwich, don’t expect much from this one.

    If you like em emotionally unavailable though he’s your man.

  63. He eats…
    …way too many sandwiches. It shows, he’s basically a tall stick with a beer belly. It’s hilarious. And yet he has the nerve to talk s**t about fat people…

    But yeah that isn’t what’s important. What really matters is that he’s really immature for a guy his age. Always late. Not communicative, which is ironic in a journalist. No sense of responsibility outside the office. He’s married to his job at the expense of everything and everyone else.

    His loss. Just means he’ll never have a fulfilling relationship.


  64. Lol his reviews suck and I bet he’s terrible in bed. Lazy b*****d. What a glorified fanboy, I can’t believe this jerk gets paid to produce basically nothing aside from whining about phones and computers. Someone must have given him then job out of pity, family friend or something.

  65. He’s certainly more “well rounded” than average for a tech journalist.

    Specifically in the stomach area.

    Probably from all the drinking resulting from his inability to form meaningful connections with actual human beings.

    I’ll bet his gadgets love him though…

  66. The Verge sucks.

    There, I said what we’ve all been thinking deep down inside. It’s just so unoriginal. That said, other media sites suck too.

    Don’t really care one way or the other about Chris Welch as a person. His reviews are reasonable sources for information if you’re looking for a second opinion about a thing to buy.

  67. Breaking: Running doesn’t make you immune to Calories. Please stop lying to yourself and others. Your body will thank you when you stop filling it with c**p.

  68. He’s worthless as a journalist. He reports on NONE of the things that actually matter. Any moron can review a new overpriced tech toy, just check out Amazon! Real reporters cover things that are actual news.

  69. Ew. Foodie wanna be’s are gross. His gut/love handles” shows in his dating profiles, his insta tells the inside story of how they got there.

  70. Real reporters report on actual news, not crappy product reviews no better than what people write in the reviews section on Amazon without getting paid for it.

    Report on something that matters and step out of your bubble. You’re a spoiled privileged overgrown brat and it makes you insufferable to date.

  71. He looks like such a slob with his ratty hair and his gut hanging out everywhere all the time, and he acts with the emotional maturity of a high schooler.

    He will be dating forever, only because there’s a lot of good women out there with low self esteem, who will eventually come to their senses and realize they deserve better.

  72. I wonder if you lose sleep at night knowing that what you do for a living makes no impact on the world and that you don’t really matter as a person?

    Seriously the world didn’t need another over indulged man child. You’re just surplus.

  73. You bring shame to the profession.

    Work on your “personal brand” less and being a better person more.

  74. Another overpaid overtitled millennial adult child.

    This is what results from entitlement attitudes.

    I’ll bet he’s never done any real work in his life.

  75. He smells like BO and I’ve seen subway rats with better hair. He looks gross and skeevvey, like one of the dudes in the lonely island song “The Creep”.

    Except it’s a lifestyle for Chris Welch, not just an act for a parody vid.

  76. OMG his current dating profile has a pic of him with a hicky!! What a fuckboi!

    Yeah he looks like a one way ticket to an STD. No thanks.

  77. He eats like a total pig if you check his insta. You’ll see his diet and the beer gut he has as a result. And you can tell he’s full of himself from his articles and videos too. What an impotent loser.

  78. He’s an egotistical little s**t that thinks he knows everything. Has no respect for anything or anyone else. What a hipsturd.

  79. He’s on OKC as “tolerabledate” still. What a disgusting pig, his Instagram pics are mostly nasty greasy sandwiches that he eats to try to fill the gaping void in his soul.

    He can date all he wants but no matter who is charitable enough to want to share their time, he’ll never make it work because he’s a selfish d**k.

    That’s just how math works. A woman can give all for her 50% of the relationship but 50% plus a big fat greasy hipster zero is a failing grade.

  80. still f*****g everything in sight all over new york state and in all the boroughs do not trust him he commits to no one but will lie to get in your pants this is what he looks like he is chriswelch or chrswlch or tolerabledate on different sites

  81. He’s a friend of mine. He made a mistake. We ALL make mistakes.

    What gives you blithering idiots the right to judge him? To try and ruin his life?

    Please, PLEASE get hobbies and stop wasting your collective existences scurrying about in the comments. Life’s far too short to be miserable jerks.

  82. McLovin really needs to wash his hands and stop eating an entire pizza before doing reviews. Also not sure how a guy that looks like this is featured on a cheating website.

  83. McLovin probably sleeps around because he’s insecure about being dumped for being a creepy drooling mouth breather who bites his nails and eats too much pizza. Btw wash your hands better before reviews

  84. Chris Welch works for Fake News. Go do some real work, it’ll toughen up your delicate hands and maybe feeling like a real man will help you stop biting your nails like a little girl

  85. Drools when drunk. Kind of boring and has a creepy vibe. Not a good date. Wasn’t expecting to find something like this tho. Yikes.

  86. This is obviously fabricated.

    McLovin is the king of greasy sandwiches and a mediocre tech reviewer.

    Not the kind of guy who goes over well with the ladies. He probably has to beg women to let him buy their drinks.
    If he gets one to go home with him, I’m sure he’s thankful that’s less drinks to buy next time.

  87. The forehead just doesn’t end with this guy!

    Seriously though no one over 24 should be using Snapchat on their profile pics

  88. McLovin is fake news. He lives on sandwiches. More importantly though, he’s secretly a stuck up a*****e fronting as a Nice Guy.

    He thinks he’s better than everyone else because a friend got him a job with a media start up.

    No one actually likes him. They feel sorry for him and are nice to him so THEY can feel like good people for being nice to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

    He’s a loser who forgot his place.

  89. Lol! You people have no lives! Making fun of someone just because he’s more successful than you just shows how pathetic you are.

    Haters gonna hate. Shine on, dude, shine on.

  90. Guys like this are the worst. No sense of personal responsibility. They want what they want when they want it and don’t care about anyone else. Typical selfish New Yorker.

  91. hah what? why do people keep writing here? literally no one posts their name or a shred of evidence that they actually know or have interacted with this guy.

    the hypocrisy is ridic and it’s very clear that you’re all meanspirited trolls. he’s fessed up to his mistakes, yet randos keep getting off on anonymously posting. you’re not doing anything honorable by making up s**t about some dude. ain’t nobody buying it. “he bites his nails and eats nothing but sandwiches!” sure allright haha. i’ve had worse.

    that gross scott breitenstein f****r is being dragged to court soon anyway. big lawsuit supposedly coming bc there’s evidence he posts a lot of this stuff to many profiles himself. hopefully then this disgusting smear website will be gone. everybody else participating is on that guy’s level. and you’ve seen pics of the Steve Bannon-looking ogre right? Is that who you are too? be decent.

  92. He’s a gross greasy sandwich f****r who bites his nails. No way he could be a fuckboi he’s too gross. No one is banging this f**k except ugly stupid b*****s who don’t know better and don’t have other options.

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