Chris, Griffin, USA

Never reveals his real feelings, and is disloyal. He claimed over and over again in our relationship he was not interested or would sleep with his friend’s ex girlfriend. Convinced me I was the one going insane, and I felt guilty and believed him because I was suffering from depression. He also borrowed a lot of money from me and later dangled it in my face he would never pay me back. He is a vandal and so are all his close friends. He sent hate messages to my mother, and gave me the silent treatment. He gets a kick out of manipulating people and making you angry. He slept with the girl several times, once of which she claims was rape, but she was supposed to be my friend, so I guess they were perfect for each other. His group of friends continue to bully me until I was in a crippling depression. He told me to “Go ahead and kill myself” “f**k you b***h saggy t**s.” After I finally got enough money again to leave him I was still bullied through mutual aquantances. I thank g*d I know better now I am a few years older, but do not date this man. RUN. He is a Mexican/white male in his mid twenties. The abusive nature of this relationship has haunted me for far longer than he was worth. Very charming before we moved in together. He is a user.


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