Chasady Mcgarrah — Seqouyah, Oklahoma

I have been with my husband for 10 years married for 7. About 3 years ago I met her, we got pretty close, then she moved away well last year she moved back. That same week me and my husband had been arguing all week, that Friday she had wanted to go out, I said no, it’s not a good time, due to my husband and I not on great terms! Well the next night still fighting with husband, I called it a night around 9 pm. Well I guess she called and he answered and yea it happened that easy! I had no clue he even left our bed! The next day he was nice but distance. Well she called the next day wanting to come over to stay a night; I said no, I wasn’t feeling like company, but how about tomorrow? She said ok. That night my husband told me everything out of guilt! It was heart breaking! He swore it would never happen again. So we are still together and doing better than we have in years. As for her I tried calling that night he told me but no answer, I have passed her a few times here and there but still I have not spoken to her.


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