Chantell Marie Shriver, Minneapolis MN – United State

She will start by telling you to block her ex’s because they are “crazy” and of course you will believe her, like I did. But she really just wants you to block them so they don’t get a chance to tell you what she really is. That’ how it it happened for me, and several of her other Ex’s – but eventually you figure it out… if only I had known there was a guy out there trying to warn me… but I blocked him without even knowing him, at her word.

What she really is… she is without guilt, remorse or consideration of other human beings, she will cheat, lie and use other people in ways that few can imagine. She will move in with you, but be cheating when you are away. She will travel with you, but tell the other guys its for work. She will fake that she is in night class, whatever it takes to fill the void in her life and be in control of multiples of men at a time. If you are dating her…. or plan to marry her, I guarantee you have no idea of the truth because she is that good at lying.


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  1. Must be hard knowing she doesn’t love you anymore. What this guy doesn’t say is that he’s hacked her accounts, followed her home from work (two years after they broke up), left voicemails begging for her back, pleaded with her friends and family for another chance, and ultimately left her scared with a restraining order. Not all is what it seems.

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