Chalana Brown, Winnie, Texas

Ok this my not be all her fault because it does take two to make a mistake. This home wrecker has done came between me, our two beautiful girls and my bf/babies dad three or more times and iv had enough. First time whatever I leave because I was used to him breaking up with me, the second time we were staying in the hospital with our little girls because she had RSV and she emailed him a pic of her back side she was dressed but still. This third time my oldest daughter is 3 and the baby is about to be 4 months. He said he was talking to one of his friends but he looked suspicious so I snatched his phone and he jumped up so I ran and he tried so hard to get the phone away from as we wrestled her number wasn’t programmed so I strolled through the text and saw her sons name and he said he was trying to get me to leave. Then I knew who it was. She lives in Texas she will use your man, sleep with him and when she’s done she will start over so if comes in your life good luck she won’t ever leave. Iv never came face to face which is probably a great thing for her


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