Catherine Wilkins | David Brodosi (Associate Director, Online Learning & Instructional Technology Services)

Late feb

David strides into the dark room in the corner of the house. Sitting in a subservient way on the bed is Cat, hands clasped and head down, wearing leather bra and panties.  In the game they are about to play, he is dominant.  He affixes a collar around her neck to show his ability to control her and she trembles.  He asks her if she wants this and she says yes, master.  He takes silk scarves from a dresser, lashing her wrists in front of her, and then tying both wrists to the upper bed posts.

David moves around Cat, though not touching her.  She thinks about what he is going to do and she can almost feel imaginary fingers touching her. He leans down and teasingly kisses her lips with just a  very light touch.  She is left wanting more, but is in no control of the fulfillments of her desires.  He leaves the room for what seems like an eternity.  She is worried that he has left entirely and struggles a little against her restraints.  Finally he re enters the room and she realizes that he was just trying to test her patience and prolong her anticipation.  It has worked.

Cat begins to get excited and mentally places the control of the situation in his command. He carries a bag, from which he removes several objects meant to cause both pleasure and pain.  The first is leather cuffs meant to go around her ankles.  He uses them to chain her ankles to the bottom posts of the bed. They chafe a little, but they prevent her from moving and give David complete control over the situation.  He then takes a lighter from his bag and uses it to ignite a candle.  Cat’s eyes have a look of anxiety in them as he raises the burning candle over her trapped body.  He lets the hot wax drip on to her skin, all the way from her shoulders to her toes.  She cries out and trembles as she feels the heat – it hurts, but it excites her.  to close her eyes, and removes a large feather from his bag.  He turns to her and starts at her face to stroke her skin lightly with the feather.  Cat cannot see, nor imagine what the sensuous, delicate touch is.  She likes how it feels as it glides over the parts of her skin that are exposed and extra sensitive after having the wax fall so close by.  She tries to peek but David sees her and yells at her to keep her eyes closed.  She feels chills all over as the feather skims over her skin.  It reaches her toes before starting back up her legs.  She is writhing, trying to get free of her bonds, to end the tor touching her with the feather.  She imagines that it is a light touch caressing her in every spot but that where she desires it the most.  Finally, she can no longer contain the build up of desire that wells within her.  Biting her lip to keep from screaming out, Cat can merely whimper “MMM, mmmmmm” as the overload of sensation alone makes her o****m.  “Bad girl!” David reprimands her.  He knows what has just happened to her.  “You will have to be punished for that.”

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