Kendrick Dewayne Brown. Dallas, Texas, USA

Kendrick Brown is currently serving a 6 year sentence in TDCJ. He has lied, and scammed, manipulated, hustled, and threatened in every way possible. His whole family is a bunch of lazy moochers, as is Kendrick! He is selfish, self centered, self serving ego maniac narcissistic a*****e! He says what you want to hear and then does whatever the f**k he wants then lies about it. If you call him on it, he flips his s**t and turns it all on you to be the bad guy.
Having this person in your life is asking for a life in h**l…ladies be warned of this predator…he is extremely dangerous!! (And has AT LEAST 4 baby mommas and AT LEAST 9 kids! )

Michael Stenson Bedworth

Michael Stenson resides in Bedworth, Warwickshire.

He is formally from South Africa.

Michael has overseen 3 hotels in just a few years. All the hotels he’s oversaw have negatory reviews submitted about them on Tripadvisor.

He’s an employee of QHotels, Mercure and is currently manager of The Nottingham Belfry Hotel in Nottinghamshire.

Mike aka Anthony Quinn mcfadden mcfaddin

This dpuchebag is all over the net and now posting revenge post. He uses many aliases like James arness Mosley, Mike hill or mcfaddin Marc mcfadden coz his real name is tore up.
Notorious ghoster and monster. See Anthony Quinn hill McFadden. Com or playerblock, dont date a player, bad boy report hes a psycho loser. All exes are not crazy sometimes they tell the truth. He has different women making reports so he cant blame just one.
Whorish truck driver f***s 3 or 4 women without you knowing thinking as you were told in the beginning you would be a couple. See other postings to verify that. Also subscribe to get the latest postings on this clown in a crown..🤣🤣

Denise Rinker

Her name is Denise ” Cumm Eating” Rinker she is a serial poster of lies cant find a man bcause no man wants her she lies about her age says shes 54 when she is really 59 but she looks 79 lies about having plastic surgery she post her own p**n videos of herself taking d****s up the a*s but blames others..Shes lives in China Springs,tx..

Corrupt Attorney Maanit Zemel up in Canada Toronto

Maanit Zemel is a classic home wrecker. She gets involved only with men in relationships with kids and then jumps around and will cheat on the guy who she just got to leave his family on another guy with a family. If she hears that there are problems she will convince them to sleep with her and then blackmail them to leave. She will then make claims against the mother to make her seem bad and then completely move on once the guy realizes that she’s cheating. Home wrecking is her hobby. I’m a friend and watch this go down time and time again. She’s been married once and has been engaged many times. If she starts being around you or your family watch out! She just likes the thrill!

Beware Players!!!
I met this Attorney, Maanit Zemel on a local hookup site about three months ago. We agreed to meet in a downtown hotel bar where I overheard her talking about a case she had misrepresented, flat out blew it off and lost, and her client was p****d off and cursing loudly. That’s how I knew she was an attorney, although she never said as much. She wanted to talk about the rest of the night and started drinking fast and was ready to reorder before I was halfway done with my drink. Her profile said she was into light kink, toys and large dicks. She looked a little shy at first and blushed a little as she asked me what I was working with…!? I guided her hand to my crotch and she smiled as she felt for herself. She said she wanted to be the judge and I should imagine her wearing a robe. We had a few more quick drinks and she suggested a little out-of-the-way dumpy hotel nearby. I followed her and we soon pulled into the parking lot a few blocks from the hotel where we had met for drinks. I asked why we didn’t just stay at the hotel where we had drinks and she said her partner sometimes drank there. She got the room which was nice since I had spent as much on the alcohol. Once we got into the room and pulled the curtains, her shyness disappeared. I used the restroom and she was naked before I flushed the toilet – I could see her in the mirror through the open door. She was standing there naked and smiling a deprived cougar smile. I guess she was somewhere in her early fifties and I’m only 24. Her saggy t*****s didn’t exactly excite me but I was there to bust a nut and move on. The alcohol was doing a good job of letting me concentrate on the rest of her body. I started to unbutton my shirt and she had my zipper down and was on her knees before I had two buttons undone. She must not get layed very often, I thought, as she did her thing on the end of my k**b. I made an alcohol-induced blunder and entered her without protection. Big mistake, and I’ll pay for it for the rest of my life. The doctor let me know the crabs were treatable but the genital warts will reoccur throughout my life. There is medication to lesssen the symptoms during outbreaks but I’m still “contageous, like Charlie Sheen,” he said. I can still lead a somewhat normal s*x life but I’ll always be a carrier for genital warts and I have to notify any future s*x partner. If I could just go back in time and avoid this venereal vendor, believe me I would. And she never said a word about potential contageon and I didn’t see any warts in the dimness of the room, lit only by the television. I don’t apologize for my sexual prediliction, I’m young. However, I feel she owes me an apology since she has to know she’s infected. I tried the number for her office on at least a dozen occcasions, she’s never there. I found her picture on Google and on WebActivism, but she’s at least 20-years older than her photo and saggy t**s suggest. I read alot of complaints about her, too. As much as I hate thinking about her at all, I’m trying to spare someone else a lifetime of regret Now you know…wear a raincoat with this one… Read more about Maanit on