Amanda Corral, Houston, Texas

Meet Amanda corral, she calls herself the boss mom. She is a joke. I saw one of her houses and she propositioned me that she would do whatever to get me to make an offer plus throw in monthly visits fir a year! I took her up on it one time and did not offer. This chick is all flab. She holds everything together with spandex and wears pancake makeup. Total fake! Watch out guys I had to get some antibiotics after being with her!

Tamara Bove, Oxford, PA

Goes by Tammy. Also known as Tammy Reisler.

Tammy has mental problems and is a homewrecker. She chases men and stalks them. She breaks up relationships and is always some man’s “side woman”.

Since she stalks men and wrecks homes, men need to be careful with her. Her mental outbursts are pitiful and scary. Tammy is in her late 40’s and is from Oxford, Pennsylvania. Steer clear of this stalking homewrecker.

Morgan Feela, Mankato, Minnesota

She can be found in any trashy bar in Mankato, wearing something equally as trashy and probably accompanied by someone else’s man, with white powder under her nose (believe me, it’s not from a powdered doughnut). She’s disgusting and her coke head voice makes her presence so much worse. She works as a pre-k teacher somewhere in the area and I feel bad for every clueless parent that brings their child to her care, she seems to have everyone fooled but I wouldn’t doubt she does bumps in the bathroom at work to get through the day. She f***** my boyfriend and she can have him if THATS the type of girl he wants.

Stephanee Johnson, Middletown, Indiana

Stephanee is a lying and manipulative woman that will be anything a man wants her to be in order to get him to sleep with her. She will lie and say she is being abused or has had past abuse to get everyone especially men to feel sorry for her. She “cuts’ herself and plays the victim perfectly and can’t see her own low self-esteem. She was married but he kicked her out when he found out she was sleeping around on him. F.Y.I she only said he was abusive after he lost his decent paying job and that was when she started looking for a new source of income in the form of someone else’s husband. Don’t let her around your husband, brother or male friends if you don’twant them manipulated into a fake relationship. If he likes football then she will love football. If he likes cars and drag racing then so will this Homewrecker. She is a nasty white trash homewrecker so beware, marriage is not sacred to her in any way.