Casey Michelle Compton, Atlanta Area, Georgia, USA

A manipulative con artist and junkie who pretends to be single and childless to impress men. When in reality, she secretly a single mother and will date multiple men at the same time without their knowledge. She use to claim she would give up her own kids just to be with the next man. She’s a pathological liar at best.

If she’s ever caught cheating, she’ll play innocent and flip the situation back on you. She’s also a homewrecker, having destroyed some relationships. According to one of her exes, most people hate her. Also hears she sleeps with drug dealers for pills. She will accuse you of infidelity without proof, although she cheats herself. She also threatens men in arguments.

She will lie about not getting pregnant, but she’s completely fertile. She’s also having custody issues with her baby daddy. She’s likely keeping the kids from the father. She should be declared an unfit mother, since she’s been arrested for child cruelty and also making false accusations.


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