Carroll Walters, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Ladies beware…Carroll Walters, aka Carl, Karal or Walter is lying pos. We started dating in March 2015, supposedly exclusively but that was just a lie. I discovered he had been cheating from the beginning. He didn’t like the name Carroll so was going by Walter. He had lost his job when I met him but was able to get a job with a BBQ place. I drove him back and forth from the restaurant and home so he could keep his job. But I digress. I got him a phone so he could talk to me and his family as he was working and could handle the bill. 2 days before Thanksgiving, I checked the phone bill and saw that he had been talking to someone for hours; longer than he’d ever spoken with me on a single call. Long story short, I called the number and it belonged to his new girlfriend, Sonya Carroll. She stated they had been dating for 4 months. Pity, I wish he had just said something so my time wouldn’t have been wasted. I wanted my phone back so she gave me her address..#### Cowan Blvd, in Fredricksburg, VA. I went through the phone and discovered he had been cheating the whole time we were together. I found out he was meeting different women through Tagged, POF, BBW and a few other dating sites for the sole purpose of using these ladies to get money out of them. He solicited oral s*x from them to get them to pay for hotel rooms, food and gas for his car. I’ve got all his messages from Mar. 2015 until Nov. 2015 and I must say, they are hilarious. His usernames are Cchef Glizz, and wellseasoned. He may have more but those are on the majority of the sites. After I saw all of this, I text Sonya to let her know that since they had been together for 4 months, she should know that up until the day before I found out, he was still sending pictures of his genitals to other women. I screen shot all the messages…even the one where she accused him of sexing someone in her house and letting them take a shower…but she decided to stay with him. Just stupid. His email address is and his phone number is 540-993-0125. He’s a complete user so be careful. In case you don’t heed my warning, the gray Jag he’s driving is still in his deceased wife’s name because money is still owed on it. The sticker on the back tag was stolen off another car. Another thing you should know, he got locked up 2 times while we were together over stupid stuff so it wasn’t a big deal to me. But I held him down and made sure he had money on his books for call and he still cheated on me. His sisters Crystal and Kellea naturally took his side but if it was their boyfriend acting like this, they’d be up in arms but I’m just supposed to let it slide…whatever.


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