Carlos Ortiz, Pennsylvania – RUN FOR THE HILLS

Carlos Oritz is a self-loving a*****e with a heart of steel. He is a smooth talking phony that has a sparkle in his eyes which puts girls under his spell but underneath the cute boyish looks, is a lying snake and a piece of s**t unworthy of your affection. He is an attention w***e who specializes in conniving to get laid, favors, or anything else he wants. This low life f*****g pig hangs out at places such as Kenney’s Spirited Eatery in Southampton,PA on Friday nights, Michaels in Bensalem, and La Luna Dance Studio. If you see him anywhere – don’t walk the other way…RUN FOR THE HILLS. He will be attending the Monster Fest Oct. 22, 2011 at Polanka Park in Bensalem, PA . He lives in Warminster, Pennsylvania at that ghetto called Bucks Landing apartments in building C and he works full time at Wells Fargo bank in Perkasie, PA. He also works out at L.A. Fitness gym in Huntingdon Valley. One piece of advice to Carlos – if you’re reading this: smarten up because buddies you socialize with just might be talking s**t behind your back.


One thought on “Carlos Ortiz, Pennsylvania – RUN FOR THE HILLS

  1. Everything said here is the absolute truth. !!! Ladies beware ! Stay away !
    He also has a DUY, and you will have to drive him around everywhere. He loves to claim that he is a nice guy, in reality he uses women to get what he wants and then decides when you are no longer useful to him and trades you for someone else !

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