Carlisa Mason, Boston, Massachusetts

Carlisa the worlds biggest fraud and sad excuse as a mother. Always acting as if she’s a good mother and taking care of her kids are life but she puts her childish and selfish ways before her children. So obsessed with trying to destroy her baby father calling him a dead beat but refuses to let him see his children because she’s simply miserable and he’s moved on to way better and for that she will never be satisfied. This b***h done sucked n****s dicks in the basement been married passed around now she’s engaged to be married to a d**e ?.. She just confused and looking for love and a new baby daddy to give her money to so if u need some money or ya d**k sucked sloppy make sure u get with her ! For that she is it !! Worlds dumbest moms got her kids manipulated and calling every new n***a daddy now her girlfriend is the step pappy ..Oh lord Carlisa is in our prayers but always on her knees .. All she do is suck d**k eat p***y and collect them welfare checks girl goodbye


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