Caridad Pando

She is 34 years old, lives in Hialeah. She is a drunk, a drug addict and a bad mother, she is a man user and when she doesn’t get what she wants she moves on to the other. She drives around in a van trying to hunt down her next victim.

She hangs out with the other trash in her office and they all do the same thing.

She works for a company in Miami called Home Gas where she felt the need to sleep with the men that work there or anywhere else for that matter, I am putting this out there so people can be aware of her actions and take caution to the wind.

I made this mistake once but never again

Carida Pando
18385 76th Path
Hialeah, FL 33015


2 thoughts on “Caridad Pando

  1. She tried messing with my husband and got caught, she better pray I never see her in the streets with her family, I will rat her out

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