CaLina Sparrer Francis 944 Main St. 2057 Mesa, Arizona and Fort Worth, Texas

I commit to use ago I start dating is a lady and thought the world of her after realizing that she rather go out and drink is that a take care of her children I decided she wasn’t worth my time I left her several times I’ve cheated on her several times due to the fact that she’s a name dropper always talking about what players are what athlete she’s had s*x with how many times he’s had s*x with them how the s*x and that is trifling as a woman! She has two small children Savion and Ariana that she up and left to live with their dad because she wanted to move to Arizona to follow me I am no longer interested in being a part of this toxic relationship I don’t trust her, I wouldn’t trust her? She’s a stalker! she stalkks your Facebook page, and any social media neuron design lady will drink and party and not attend work I don’t know how she got a job at Wells Fargo corporate she’s a former paralegal she can find out any information about you where you live what you do who you with who you been with I wouldn’t trust her! I know for fact that she’s been sleeping around with Flozell Adams former Dallas Cowgirl OT #76, he’s a trick to she’s also been involved with fat a*s Oliver Miller of the Phoenix Suns#3. And there’s countless other cats and Texas California New York where was she flies she meets a new guy the sad thing is that there’s a lady has kids and is not a responsible parent so I’ll leave it at this I’m done with this THOT!
If you fellas want this b***h yeah I can have her she got cellulite she smells she’s lazy doesn’t work out and she’s fat. Enjoy!
817.818.7577 new number
Lives in Arizona since November after just dropping off her kids to try to come make things work. I don’t trust this B***h ever!
Also she’s always borrow money tonight she’ll pay you back and never pays back!


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