Calina Francis aka Rachel Patino 944 W. Main #2057 Mesa, Arizona 5304 Prince Lane Flower Mound, Texas

I want employers and potential guys! I met this b***h Calina Francis during a time when I was living in Texas.
Calina doesn’t like going to work? Rather suck d**k and drink all day and night and watch that saints play instead of being a mother. I lived with this so called mother and she never talks to her kids? Does homework with them? Her life about drinking,f*****g and watching Saints football. Calina takes days off work for FMLA and uses the excuse her blood pressures low? Stop drinking and workout you fat b***h. Some women think cause you got a big a*s life will be covered? Sad, but this fat butch think she’s sexy. I decided I wanted my family back and I left Calina in Texas. She then moved to Arizona and things got worse. I hated dating you and I cheated on you cause your a lazy worthless b***h. I’m
Glad your ex husband won’t let you see your kids. I’m glad your with that fat MF Flozell Adams you both deserve each other.
I’m filing changes of fraud you used my T-Mobile account to get you a new phone! You broke into my Phoenix apartment and I’m fight your order of protection asap! You’ll call clients and friends and I get your text message and phone calls. So, can’t wait to see your a*s in jail. Never trust a b***h with a big cellulite a*s and a broken smile. Calina Francis is a worthless mother and I praying she don’t ever get her kids.


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