Calina Dee Sparrer Francis 12/9/75 y’all enjoy this THOT

Once, I realize I was dating or excuse me, stop f*****g this Calina Francis,, I realize she was trying to sabotage my name by putting my name and profession on this page! So, once I found out that she created a cheaters page? Somebody found a way to created one on her! This white 200lb at 5’4 is a Private investigator and goes thur my phone while I was sleep, plugged my cell
Phone to her lap to download info to her phone, called my clients and friends. Stalked females I’ve had friendship with! But, she the one who’s been f*****g this Fat MF Flozell Adams retired #76 b***h! She called the police and made false police reports to get me arrested and then had Flozell
Adams send the police a message I sent his b***h a*s for calling my phone over this fat white b***h! I left the b***h in Texas and she moved to Arizona trying to get me to leave my wife. Yes, I cheated but I rather be with my family then live with a fat white who using FMLA to
Not go to work on a daily bases! Says, her blood pressure always high cause she always drinking and going bars and always in N****s face trying to show off her fat a*s! But, who wouldn’t have a fat a*s and you weigh 200lbs as a 5’4 women. She left her children to try to be with a man? What mother does that? I never notice the women ever do homework with her children? But, quick to go suck down a few drinks after work, Monday night Football! Drinks, $2 Tuesday’s, wild out Wednesday and thursty Thursdsay and Friday after work affair and she doesn’t stop. But, companies continue to hire this former paralegal and she stealing money from the company! Always asking for money to pay her bills for days she didn’t work? Never trust this b***h from Fort Worth, Texas! 8177608142
Call her if you looking for a d**k sucker for any after parties!


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