Caitlin Marie Hickey, South Windsor, Connecticut

Well, where do I begin…She told her friends she was with me only bc the s*x was good. Would show up where i work as a bouncer, drunk and proceed to kiss me in front of everyone, bc she is a jealous freak. She told she wanted to marry me after 3 dates. Everytime i tried to break up with her she would show up at my house crying , not wanting to leave. Would call at 2 am crying telling me she wants to kill herself, that no one wants her. Made up a story about going to a psychic medium and telling me her mom told her I was the guy for her. She told all my secrets to everyone of her friends. Her friends warned me that she is unstable and crazy and a big drama queen. She will make you the center of her universe and if you aren’t she will threaten you and say she is going to call the cops and tell them I was harassing her though she constantly came over my house. She has a DUI and has drinking problem. Her friends told me she falls in love with anyone that gives her attention and cry when no one doesn’t. When i broke up with her she would go out of her way to tell she is f*****g another guy and that she is going to marry him


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