Brooke or Brook Star, Rockland County or Utica NY or New York City

This person or group of people using internet Handle “Brook Star” or “Brooke Star” has been harassing Chris Welch and Shawna Adriane Kaylor among other people possibly since 2013. Previous Internet handle contained “Utica”.

Under the guise of concern, this person (or persons) has been harassing Ms. Kaylor on Facebook in both 2013 and 2015. This person or persons created one page containing false information about Mr. Welch and is responsible for at least 3 pages of garbage written about Ms. Kaylor. This party or parties are responsible for image theft and misuse as well.

This party started out by playing the role of the concerned informant, then proceeded to name calling and vulgarity when ignored.

Based on the information and the access/acquaintance level that would be required to access the stolen photographs, the possible suspects have been identified by Ms. Kaylor. There are exactly three, possibly working together.

This party is now moving to harass Ms. Kaylor on Twitter, having apparently decided it was too risky to continue bothering Mr. Welch, as he is a member of the press and has more resources at his disposal.

This is uncalled for. If the party in question does have a legitimate dispute with Mr. Welch then they need to contact Chris Welch instead of harassing Ms. Kaylor.

For the record: Shawna Adriane Kaylor had NO KNOWLEDGE of the situation in 2013 OR 2015 and felt terrible when she found out, and Mr. Welch has expressed remorse over the situation enough times by now.

Brooke or Brook: All names and information available will be posted here if the harassment continues.


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