Brooke Bowers, California

Nothing but a two bit W***e. Goes after married men. She can’t even keep her own man (recently divorced) but thinks she can take a married man. she is nasty, looks like a 12 year old baby sitter. please be aware Brooke Waskey now goes by her maiden name Brooke Bowers is a complete w***e. She has 3 kids of her own and with no education and work her husband has left her for good after finding out about so many married men she’s slept with. she lives in San Ramon, her phone number is: 9259222833 has a Facebook account under her maiden name: Brooke Bowers, and her Instagram name is lilmama_x3, her address is: 92 Oxford Place, San Ramon 94583. this dirty w***e preys on married men to take care of her she is a dirty s**t..


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