Broccolina Brothers Construction

ANTHONY BROCCOLINA owner of BROCCOLINA BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION is a SCAM ARTIST. BEWARE! He uses his business as a means to cheat. He says he is working but he is out cheating, drinking or doing drugs. The work he does is terrible. He remodeled my kitchen and i had to spend double the amount to fix all his poor workmanship. Hisain goal in life is sleeping with women and getting drunk. Beware of hiring Anthony Broccolina unless you want him to sleep with you or your wife or girlfriend. Anthiny Broccolina has no morals.



9 thoughts on “Broccolina Brothers Construction

  1. Shows up to work drunk or with a hangover. Anthony Broccolina is very unprofessional and has an extremely nasty temper.

  2. ANTHONY BROCCOLINA IS A CON ARTIST. He has a total lack of conscience by taking advantage of peoples weaknesses. Broccolina has a false confidence in himself to make you bejlieve his way is the right way. Don’t fall for his lies. I think he lies so much he actually thinks he is right in his own mind. Don’t get cheated on by this lier.

  3. Broccolina brothers construction is sole owed by an abusive man that has no respect for women. Drinker and drug user.

  4. Ripe off…estimates are lies which end yp in costly increased expenses and poor workmanship. All good comments posted for Broccolina Brothers are posted by himself, friends or family. Don’t be taken advantage of by this dishonest salesman.

  5. Paid for work which was never completed. Sure the cosmetic items were completed, but the initial problem was never repaired. The leak showed up again months later which created more damage. Beware of Broccolina Brothers Construction. 410-866-0090

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  6. This guy thinks he knows it all. Warning. He work is a sloppy mess. Terrible work with dry wall and concrete. I could have done a better job myself. He is a shady salesman and nothing more.

  7. Anthony Broccolina changed the name of his business to Baltimore Building Concepts. Beware. This guy is the biggest bull s*****r you will ever deal with in life.

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