Brian Williams, Bells, Texas

I recently found Brian Williams has a wife and 3 children. He lied to me on multiple occasions. He smooth talked me into sleeping with him in the bathroom at my job, and then persistently communicated with me leading me to believe there could be that he was ready to start a life with me. after about 7 months of sneaking around. i gave him what he had been asking for sexually (a**l) and hasn’t spoken to me since. I was nosey, called around and discovered i was just on of his many female toys he usues to kill time at work. dont ever expect him to want to spend time with you otherwise (even though he’ll maked plans with you. he’ll forget/be too busy/ or the female he lives with (whom i suspect is his wife says he has houseworkd to do) .and be prepared, once he gets what he wants from you. he’ll dissapear from your and spread nasty rumors. he tried to get me fired from my job because of everything.. if you meet this silvered tongued manipulator, please protect your heart, he will shred it to pieces.


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