Brian Stark

He is a pedophile and a psychopath. He’ll charm you when he first meets you until he catches you and then he is Satan himself. He just spent 3 years in jail for producing and possessing child p**n. He has hepatitus C and will tell you that it is safe to have s*x with him because you can’t get Hep C from sexual transmission which is a lie. He’s a second rate musician who copies other’s music and tries to get women to buy him music equipment. He’s been married five times, last time to me. He’ll tell you that all of his wives abused him and it’s not true. He’ll also tell you that he had a contract with a record company and his brother ruined it for them. That’s not true either HE is the one that ruined it for them by being demanding. He’s into incest too. He’ll ask you to call him “daddy”. He likes small women who are young looking. He’s obsessed with p**n and is a pedophile. I cannot tell you enough to get away from him. He’s really a woman hater. He’ll tell you that his mother sexually abused him which is also not true. He has no conscious and will step all over you to get what he wants. if you have any questions about this man you can contact me at and I will tell you all about him. I don’t mind having my email address. One of the purposes of my life is to make sure that this man doesn’t hurt another woman. Oh yeah, he looks for women with children. He’s really into teenaged girls. Please, if you meet him run far far away. I think but never found proof of it, that he might be a closet homosexual too. He likes to use the internet to find women and he has used A LOT of email addresses too.


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