Brian C Seago. Kansas City, MO, USA.

Brian is the worst kind of cheater. He is not remorseful and follows the same pattern. He sabotages each relationship he is in due the mismanagement of his mental illness. His refusal to accept responsibly for what he’s done in his past reinforces the made-up reality of his present. Whatever is wrong or goes wrong with him or in his life is always someone else’s fault and never a repercussion of his poor life choices or decisions. That what he did to an ex-wife, a long-term relationship and a childhood friendship. He treats those closest to him the worst and then “acts” remorseful only to repeat the same thing time and time again. He is a liar who goes to great lengths to hide his lies. Even if that means hurting innocent people. He is a manipulator with no conscience. No faith, no respect for anyone or anything. Human life included. Be warned that he owns many firemans and with his history of mental illness should be considered dangerous to himself and others. He has a history of risking employment, personal family & friend relationships and his personal safety for his delusions and lies. He is very good at telling you and everyone else what they want to hear. Truth is non-existent in his world. He is not even sure what his real truth is because he refuses to do the hard work to face what he’s done in his past. He will lie and like to use “therapy” as way for pity and compassion from his victims. Do not be fooled. It has been proven that he has lied repeatedly about “therapy” and its validity in his life. His commitment to said “therapy” has been exposed as a sham.


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