Brian Anderson, San Diego, California

Brian Anderson in San Diego, Chula Vista, IB and Coronado is a liar and a cheat. Dated him for two years and found out that he is married, and was dating 4 other women that I could confirm. He is a con artist and manipulative. He has a gambling problem, and is always broke and asking for money. He is 39 and likes to date older women for less drama and more money. When, if you find out that he is married, beware, he will use his wifes twin sister to pose as the wife and he sleeps with her also. He also never uses a condom or will remove it when your not looking. He picks up women and are you ready for this MEN also at numerous clubs in Chula Vista, and is well known at Camels breath. When he tells you he is spending time with his kids…he is spending time with other women. BEWARE he is very charming and he will break your heart when you find out what type of a monster he really is!



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  1. Brian C Anderson, Cheater, Liar, con artist, thief. dob 10-1-72 is now living in IL and doing the same thing! beware!

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