Brett Bergeron, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

The good: he has a decent job, he’s a nice dresser (though he used women’s money to buy the clothes and shoes), and received a decent education. The bad: he’s a chronic liar and cheater, tells highly intricate lies without showing any non-verbal “tells” or hesitation, keeps a rotation of different women who provide him with s*x, affection, a stocked kitchen, good meals, childcare for his two kids, etc. (or a combination of some of these). Don’t believe it when, in the course of your relationship, he says that he needs to have some days to himself, he’s golfing with “the guys,” helping someone (please, he’s selfish and only helps himself) or playing poker (poke-her is more accurate)….he’s busy rolling around with one (or more) of his other girls. Married women, single women, it doesn’t matter to him. He just wants to get it in and manipulate you in the process. Leave his apartment after your date? He’ll be phoning someone to come on over in minutes. Now I know why he seemed so anxious sometimes– he had A LOT going on. I’m not interested in revenge; I’m just trying to save some women from crying over a lying, cheating, selfish white-trash jerk.


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