Brandi N. Cushman. Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

Brandi Cushman is a nasty used up w***e!! She was sucking some guy friends c**k 2 hours after she ran into him while he was creeping thur the neighborhood stalking his girlfriend. Shes a dumb b***h who likes to have trains ran on her by all her old “crew” dude shes with now likes getting the sloppy 200 and something. Her p***y smells like rotted fish guts and raw sewage. Shes put more d**k in her mouth then she has food. HOWS MY C**K TASTE MARSHALL K SPINNEY!!!??? AND ALL YOUR BOYS DICKS TOO! Yall deserve each other. Hey Brandi Cushman if you ever read this….you and Mr Marshall K Spinney deserve each other. His business Spinney Man Concrete in Virginia Beach failed before it even got started. No business insurance, no employees, doesnt file taxes, doesnt pay bills, struggles with money, lives wih his mommy. Either is currently on meth or will be soon enough. Dont expect him to take care of you and your daughters because he doesnt even take care of his own kids or claim they are even his!


3 thoughts on “Brandi N. Cushman. Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

  1. The girl that posted this is seriously sick. Don’t believe anything she says. She had dedicated her life to harassing these people along with their children, by texting from apps, blocking her number when she calls, using a calling app that lets her choose what number shows up on the caller id.

    She has a 15 year old daughter that she does not have anything to do with. She gave her up to the father when she was younger. The father eventually started raping the daughter and killed himself. Now this girl calls her daughter a w***e and the girl has no parents now because her mother doesn’t want her.

    She’s seriously sick in the head. She’s supposed to be on medication and does not take it. She doesn’t work and collects welfare and alimony. Lives with her aunt. Has nothing of her own. No car. No home. She really needs help.

  2. Wow brandi you sure do know a lot for someone whos never met me. You are being played like mini golf girl. Any girl who has s*x with a man whos still in a relationship and then expects that man to be faithful to her….LOL hilarious. However I know all about you because your boyfriend filled me and everyone else in at the bar over the weekend. Your t**s are fake and still not as big as mine (your boy hates fake t**s by the way) and apparently your v****a smells bad cuz he misses his juicy juicy. You drag him to country concert (he hates country music) and hes miserable because he said you are the reason he cant see his daughter and that is why he drinks so much now. And don’t worry hes not on meth anymore even tho its hard for him cuz you always bring it up and you have Adderall around him (again another thing he cant stand) and apparently yall fight all the time and you left him at Bone Fish once (which is great cuz he tried to leave me and my son a few times at restaurants) oh and FYI honey….ask your boy…I don’t suck d**k. But that didn’t stop him from paying my tab at the bar over the weekend and coming back to my house and spending the night and I believe whatever food he went to get that night is in my fridge. He said he saw me at the bar and didn’t want to leave. He came to my table honey and poured his sad heart to me about his daughter. So tell me why he cuddled up next to me after checking his phone seeing you had called and texted him? Is that why you called the police to report I kidnapped him cuz he didn’t leave at 5am or 6am or 7am or 8am or 9am when he checked the phone he said “Oh well guess I’m single” then rolled right back over and next to me. I did him a favor….I prevented him from going to jail. He was drunk and throwing up and I asked him if he wanted to go to his moms or your house and he said neither numerous times, he said he needed to be somewhere he belonged and felt safe and he said my house. That’s right my house. My name is on the house I live at, ask your boy why I don’t have a vehicle….cuz that busted a*s Benz hes driving around was bought for me. And I hope you enjoy sitting in my c*m (I’m a squirter) cuz every inch of both the truck and the Benz are covered in my c*m. EVERY INCH!!!! Notice theres no smell….cuz my s**t is the cleaniest, juiciest s**t around. Oh he hates that he has a b***h who bleeds every month, its called Novasure look into maybe it’ll help with the smell. I asked him at the bar “Marshall, I thought you didn’t like girls who have been with ALL your friends?” And he said yeah I don’t, she was just convenient and its a place to stay and she will do anything I ask cuz I told her I’m in love with her.” Oh and another thing…my daughter (also bigger t**s then you, you got ripped off sista) yeah I see her every other day if not everyday. And you may not want to judge on parent/children relationships seeing as how your boy told his mom he wished she would get AIDS and die when he found out she was s******g a man younger then him. And you really might want re-think who you let around your daughters….your boy doesn’t take care of or claim his own kids so its dumb for you to expect him to take care of yours. Trust me honey been there and done that cuz he claimed my son as his own everywhere we went. And fyi hes not capable of love or the emotion of love because he was shunned as a child, hes the black sheep of the family, never got any attention from his own mom and she allowed some black man to rape him. He was diagnosed before prison at 15 years old with mental issues. When you pull him from the darkness of his moms shed and sit with him all night while hes methed out of his mind….then you can say you know him. Oh and another thing you are not a paralegal. LOL you have no law degree or educational background in law. And you are d**n right I collect alimony I worked my a*s during my 12 year marriage and you should know Miss Paralegal, that by law I am entitled to that alimony as well as child support. You know child support that thing your boy has never paid either of ex wives for the kids he HAD with them. SMH amd that’s why his son already at 12 years old had his last name changed, hes ashamed of the Spinney name and for good reason. And nobody here is suppose to be medication lol I think your boy got me confused with himself. I’m good, health records to prove it look em up Miss Paralegal its in the Virginia Court system in my custody file. And you know what I have of my own honey? Peace of mind knowing that when my man goes out to get me food, he wont end up at his exs. Like I already told you…if you believe everything your boy says about his ex, then you are dumber then you look. Keep your dog on a shorter leash and he wouldn’t end up at my house…AGAIN!!!!

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