Bradley Moore, Las Vegas, Nevada

This guy is rude, argumentative, selfish and a cheater. When in an argument he makes it seem like u do the wrong thing to cover his wrong doing. He sleeps around with other girls on his wife which he acted as if he loved her for the residency. He argues like a woman and has no class. He dresses as if he is a gentlemen but don’t be fooled, you have to be around him a lot to know his true colors. Don’t ever discuss pass boyfriends or family problems because he will use it to upset u in arguments. He is a dog in a suit so if u want to take a chance do not be surprised when u standing in s**t…This week I saw postings of him on and this website he was listed in the ‘Registry and I asked him he said it was lies. He is the lie. He is a good talker. Be very careful he is a walking STD and will tell you anything you want to hear. He is good at his game. After reading his other stories on these websites he has been with at least 3 others all at the same time. Gross!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Bradley Moore, Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. The picture of this man is not the Bradley Moore they are referring to.
    The Bradley Moore pictured here is not married

  2. The picture of the gentleman posted here is not the Bradley Moore they are referring to.
    The Brad Moore pictured is not, and has never been married.

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