Brad Cook, Las Vegas, Nevada

Brad Cook is not even that slick. He makes his victim aware he is married, but claims to be leaving, single, and or separated. Once he works his way in to your private areas via massage you are already in shock. As he is massaging your private areas he is quick to let you know how much he likes you. Well duh. You are not special, you will just be his specialty. He is married with four kids and his wife, he claims is also a cheater. Who needs him and cant let him go. Wake up ladies, she wants him gone, he cant let go. More than likely because he cant hold a job or afford to live on his own. He is a loser. His wife, I am sure is not crazy, but he is. However, if you are a cheater he will more than likely love that. He loves him some married women so there is no commitment. Don’t worry once he gets into your pants he will go back to his wife who is clearly crazy and needs him around. Then you will never hear from him again because, now you are crazy. Steer Clear ladies! H**l he may even be bisexual so this applies to men as well I suppose.


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