Bonnie Rotten, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Bonnie Rotten (also known as Alaina Hicks) who happens to be an adult entertainer, adult actress, and an adult performer is to be correctly classified here as someone who deals with prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, and racism. This is well known concerning Bonnie Rotten (who originally comes from Cincinnati, Ohio) and her actions are especially against those who are non-white namely those who are African-American males or Black men in particular. Her refusal to “work” with these Black male individuals is all on the basis of treating their race as inferior to her race.

Her actions are in essence all based upon strong hatred to the highest degree against them and her actions reveal her as a mentally sick, mentally deranged, and a mentally twisted individual and person for demonstrating such strong hatred and such wicked prejudice against those whose skin color complexion is opposite to the one that she possesses. In simpler words, Bonnie Rotten hates the skin and skin color that these Black men or African-American men have.

Bonnie Rotten rightfully deserves this complaint so that she is exposed for her evil, deceptive, corrupt, deceitful, wicked, and crooked ways which are especially against a particular group of people who are human beings just like her regardless of the color of skin they may have. Bonnie Rotten is simply a person of poison who is full of the poison of racist bigotry and it is with this post that her racist poison of racist malice, racist malevolence, racist enmity, racist bitterness, and racist animosity is condemned along with her to the highest and utmost degree.


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