Bonnie Lynn Chapman, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Bonnie Lynn Chapman cheated on me with many men. We met in October at party. Both of us were drunk and on illegal substances. We decided to go out together and we fell in love. She got pregnant and I wanted to do the right thing so we got engaged. She lost the baby due to her major substance habit. I found out that she had been cheating on me the whole time with not one but many men. So i am now unsure if the baby was really mine to begin with. It also came to my attention from several of her friends that she did sexual favors to score these heavy illegal substances. This lady will take you for a ride financially, and get pregnant to trap you into supporting her habit



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  1. I did not post this pic but I have others from when I dated her. She cheated on me, so I slept with her roommate!

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