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He was very normal on the emails, everything was fine, then when i come he gave me the money very gentley, when i had my shower i just have realise a very bad cared person, he was smoking weed and a bit aggressive, he had strange things on his body (i think he have something contagious in intimate parts….) so i didn’t even had relations with him. When he realised that, he tried to make me feel afraid saying that he would add a bad review about me on internet, i said to him: do what you want i will not have anything with you. He tried to force me to do without condom, then i go out of the room… A sad situation…. I am just warning you girls, for these kind of persons in our world, unfortunately…. his nick name on TER (he made the review about me) TARADO321’S and his email: His name is David Austin

David Austin, Lisbon, Portugal


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