Blake sheldon, alto, mi, usa

Do not date this scumbag. He gets you to trust him and acts like he wants to be in a real relationship then he goes and hooks up with one of his exes. Not only that but if you have any guy friends he will continuously accuse you of cheating. He also has some mental issues. after i told him it was over he went into his garage and closed all the doors and turned on his quads and started drinking beer! Its not the only time he has pulled that kind of thing. Other times have involved breaking down a bathroom door and more then once chasing him down the street because he was drunk and scared he was going to be hit by a car.
Overall for your sanity ladys stay away. Hes great at pulling at the heart strings and telling you things like he proposed to a girl and she thew the ring in the toilet also that one of his exes was 6 weeks pregnant and her stomach got hit with a oven door opening and she miscarried and she left him for that. Oh and the worst part is him being accused of having s*x with an under age girl. This was when he was 19 and the girl was 15 so not that huge of a difference but still a little creepy. He plead guilty but doesnt have to be on the s*x offers registry


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