Blaire White, Chico, California, United States

Blaire White, who is a Youtuber is to be condemned and fully denounced and blacklisted for being a racist and a bigot especially against individuals who are nonwhite or non-Caucasian in complexion. Blaire White’s racism is all based upon racial hatred, racial angst, racial venom, skin color discrimination, and skin color prejudice of the highest order. It is for this reason that Blaire White must be blacklisted for being against others based upon the fact that Blaire White possesses a different skin color or skin complexion that is completely different and opposite to the one that another person might have or possess and Blaire White thinks and believes that they are much more superior to such individuals. Hatred is Evil and skin color hatred like the one that Blaire White possesses only exposes how evil truly indeed as a Youtuber they are. Therefore, Blaire White is truly a heinous and a wicked person who must be revealed and unmasked for who they actually are.

The racism of Blaire White also extends to the fact that they also hate being with someone in a relationship who is not of their own race such as someone who is African-American in particular for example.

However, in addition to this Blaire White is full of gross infidelity, disloyalty, and unfaithfulness. I know this by experience having personally dealt with this individual. Blaire White is simply someone with a smiling face but with shallow and shady ways.


2 thoughts on “Blaire White, Chico, California, United States

  1. Attention: The author wishes to add that at no time at all will they give permission or consent to this issue being taken down or rectified regardless if the author is contacted about this or not. The author declares this as fact what has been shared above and will not be changing their mind regarding the rectification of this matter. One must learn that they cannot perform wicked acts and think that they will get away with it. Such is the case with Blaire White and so the author says.

  2. This is horseshit. Watch her videos and you’ll see she’s very level headed. You just have an a SJW axe to grind. Also, you wish you dated this tranny beauty. Liar.

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