Barbra Reifel, Barbra Mastromarino, New Jersey

Barbra Reifel (also known as Barbara Mastromarino) is a racist bigot and a racist individual and a racist person. Her racism and prejudice is targeted against those who are non-white mainly and namely those who are African-American males. Her racism and her prejudice happens to be against such individuals because she sees them as inferior and less than people and less than human beings for the purpose of being in a very serious relationship with them.

It was because of her racism and prejudice and bigotry that Barbra Reifel found herself with the wrong man (named Michael Mastromarino who was a Dentist Guilty in Organ Scheme) who was of the same color complexion that she has and who ended up hurting her very deeply when his deceptive and crooked lifestyle was uncovered. Had Barbra Reifel (also known as Barbara Mastromarino) been open minded towards males who were African-American and not despise their color of skin she would have found a much better man and not someone who would later on disgrace, embarrass, and shame her with their very wicked lifestyle behind the scenes.
Racism and prejudice has indeed a pay day and for ugly racists like Barbra Reifel that pay day ultimately leads to a very miserable, distressing, painful, and traumatic exposure of how racially sick and racist biased they are as polluted and corrupt people as a whole.


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