Zach Tews

Zach Tews has ZERO self esteem since Mariana left him. Mariana got new guy that is a rich veteran. Zach was dishonorably discharged from Aie Force. He lets HIV positive 400 lb whale Yesenia Delbrey chase him & alwayz try to pit girls against each other. His psychotic self think it make him desirable. Zach Tews is a worthless bitter angry little boy whose mom don’t like him, that why he let unfit mother whale HIV positive Yesenia Delbrey chase him, he psychologically recreate his childhood. Zach go get braces 4 ur crooked yellowish brown teeth & accept Mariana won & u lost, like u do alwayz. Come out of closet 2 b happy, u look more happy with boys.

Peter Bromfield, Tempe, Arizona

I keep posting, because I’m lonely. I post because I want your love ❤ and attention. I post mean things about women because I hate them. I hate them because they steal the attention that I want from other men.

I’m lonely, sad, gay, and I’m longing for attention. Your attention. I often visit racist sites, because I secretly fantasize about being bound, kidnapped, whipped and taken advantage of by racist white men. I want to be your slave! I’ve been opened up by bbc many times, but I want something different. I have jerked off and came so many times watching Ned Beatty being used and abused by that toothless hillbilly in the movie, “Deliverance”, that I crack a fat and bust a nut, every time I hear banjos. My a*s gets so hot and hungry when I read your racial slurs on those nasty racist websites. I pretend not to like it and get mad, but I really love it. It gets me off! I’m stroking it, every time you call me the n word.

I want you to make me bathe in Mountain Dew, while you p in my face. Do me on top of your rebel flag! Soothe the inside of my buttocks with baby oil, motor oil, Shedds Spread, lard, WD-40…whatever you hillbillies use, and open me up. Then let me suck you dry! I go ass2mouth better than any girl p**n star.

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Lina Wall – Holly Springs and Jacksonville, NC

Lina Wall (Lina Sophia Wall) is a 49 year old has-been s**t. This psycho is a narcissistic sociopath. She gossips about other women and spreads her legs for all the men!

Lina is from Holly Springs, NC and Jacksonville, NC. She is a manipulative backstabbing gossip! She is a true narcissist to the extreme. She seems to have the traits of both sociopath and psychopath. Lina has no remorse. No empathy for others whatsoever. She only cares about herself!

This 49 year old nasty s**t claims to be allergic to latex condoms. So she has been f*****g a countless number of men, bareback; in the raw, for years! Multiple men and diseases. Multiple abortions. Stinky p***y! Lina has 35+ years experience f*****g strange men; including her sister’s baby-daddy and her mother’s boyfriend. Her own mother hates her and had kicked her out years ago, because she caught Lina f*****g around with other women’s boyfriends/husbands.

Lina is a nasty piece of trash who has f****d her way up to the top in every job she has ever had. She is a dirty w***e and diseased trash! Steer clear of this liar and cheater!

Tamara Bove, Oxford, PA

Goes by Tammy. Also known as Tammy Reisler.

Tammy has mental problems and is a homewrecker. She chases men and stalks them. She breaks up relationships and is always some man’s “side woman”.

Since she stalks men and wrecks homes, men need to be careful with her. Her mental outbursts are pitiful and scary. Tammy is in her late 40’s and is from Oxford, Pennsylvania. Steer clear of this stalking homewrecker.