Ashley Driggers, Starke, Florida

My husband and I got together when I was 17 years old! He was coming out of bad relationship with this s***k! From the start it was nothing but issues her claiming she was pregnant and moving to Orlando and he would never see the baby the same blah blah bull that people like her pull! But I thought I was in love and it would all be worth it! Well about a year after being together I got pregnant with our first child it was a hard pregnancy with a lot of issues!He got his act together and stepped up to do right for his child!So I thought we could actually make it.We had a second child got married thought I was getting my happily ever after!Well 3 years after being married and 7 years of him wanting nothing to do with her she gets his number and starts calling him!This is the same w***e who took her kid with her to do a robbery thinking she gonna come in and be momma to mine!!At the time she is calling him she has a newborn and a boyfriend!We where having a lot of issues around the time she started calling even called him blocked number to see how he would react to her calling him!When I find all of this out I went and got divorce papers I didn’t have time to deal with his bull and her trying to be a w***e! I had just found out our oldest child has Autisum and needed to worry about him The pantie shot is what I found on his phone 1 week after learning about our child!Im sick of people s******g with married men and she deserves whatever karma hits her!


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