Archie Ignacio Quintana, Miami Beach, Florida

Ladies, beware of this spoiled, obese, overfat 50+ year old Cuban brat who lives in Miami. He is a sharp manipulator who smooths his way into women thru lying, cheating, deceiving, & misleading. The stats: he has been married several times, has multiple children & has had multiple arrests. He also dates multiple women just enough to get the sheets wet, and then he’s out! He is irresponsible with money and even more so with his women as he refuses to use protection. He also has a hidden past that we still know too much about (see his mugshot attached) This man is very shady; having no permanent home, no driver’s license, and only paying with cash, at most of South Beach’s popular bars & restaurants, where he lives and works. But we do know that he drinks too much and is verbally (& physically!) violent with women if they should ever disagree with his snotty behavior. His family is worth an estimated $40 billion. Its sad that this fat bully should have so much financial & dating success. Sometimes, villians do finish first. But for how long?…


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