April Henson — Douglasville, Georgia

this b***h thinks she’s g*d’s gift to men,she will do unto others every chance she gets,she swindles the elderly,she thinks she’s too good to get a job,draws welfare,always wants something for nothing,drives with no insurance and expired tag,she can’t keep her p***y in her pants,as long as you got money she will f**k you for it or steal it from you,she has one h**l of an arrest record,she tried to kidnap a baby boy in the area recently because she always wanted a boy,if she won’t kidnap it,she will call dfacs on you and give a huge bullshit story about how much of an unfit parent you are just to get custody of your child,d**n,how low can you go? if someone takes her to small claims court,she will move and go into hiding,she drives a 1990 honda accord beat all to h**l,she’s 5’4” was born in austell,georgia she was born on may 22,1982,smokes meth,drinks constantly,dropped out of school,her myspace page is myspace.com/168636165, if you see her,run like h**l!!!! because she might try to victimize you!!!!


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