April Ellen Shultz, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

I would like to expose this no good s**t for what she really is I have been with my boyfriend for 2 year and together we have 3 kids I recently found out that this Skunt April Ellen shultz was messaging him while he was at work and I’m the type of women who always goes with her gut! ( it never let’s you down!!) Anyways back to the s**t after finding this stuff out I kindly contacted her woman to woman asking her of she would please atop contacting my boyfriend now yes he isn’t innocent by any means but she wouldn’t respond back And then I found out he went to watch a movie with her after work while her HUSBAND oh yeah shes married with kids of her own did i leave that part out? he told me he was hanging with his buddy once again my gut never lies!!! I decided to check his phone for the messages to his buddy asking to hangout and surprise surprise no messages so I punch her number in his phone and it comes up under a guys name man I’m flippng furious so after a very long talk I mean very long talk he told me he actually decided on his own to stop replying to her because he doesn’t wanna lose his family but she still continued to contact him after several attempts to get her to stop so I messages her husband and told him what his lil trampy wife was up too while he’s busting his a*s to support her and the kids!!! When he responds I’ll give an update thanks for reading!! PS for anyone wondering my boyfriend is not off the hook yet he has alpt of proving to do and I honestly can say he is putting in a lot of effort to prove himself!


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