April Brown Rogers, Kansas – Runaround S***k

I was in a 18 year relationship.Then my dad had been diagnosed with Melanoma. He had taken a turn for the worst. So, my brother called me to come to Nebraska. So while I went to be by my dying fathers side, this little 24 year old w***e (Merriam- Webster: A woman who engages in sexual acts for money.) moved in on my man. Well while I was there started getting phone calls and texts telling me about their affair. So I came back to Kansas to find out. Of course they lied and denied any and all rumors.That very night my father died. Then the day after we buried my dad, my 50 year old ex comes and tells me that they have been having an affair. She’s pregnant and he is leaving. He walked out the door and moved in next door with the w***e. She was married to his nephew. She walked out on him and 2 little girls. Telling him she didn’t want to be a wife or mother. But the second she leaves him she started f*****g every man in sight. She moved in next door to us. I babysat her 5 year old daughter for free to help her out. Little did I know that she was helping herself to my man at the same time. So watch out ladies if you see this w***e, hide your men and children. She only thinks of her own selfish wants and doesn’t care who she hurts. She has ran off to f**k for money, the real babies daddy and left my ex to watch her kid. He is so stupid that he thinks she loves him and he plans to sign the birth certificate.


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