Anthony “Black” Holmes, N.E. Washington DC

This tall thin 40 y.o. dark-skinned guy (not a man) has 7 children from different women and a grandson. He claims that they all did him wrong but just jumps from one relationship to the next sometimes not even telling a woman it is over. He has no job but works for cash not to pay child support. He lives in his family house on 16th street and pulls in women with his sad, I’ve been used and have nothing so I’m trying to get on my feet” story. I fell for him hearing how much he “loved” all his children. I used to help him make money on jobs and buy him things when I could help. When I became pregnant, he sweetly proclaimed his love for me saying we should keep the baby. Then I found out he was already having another female spending time with him in his twin size bed when he wasn’t with me at my apartment. I fell for his act and hope he doesn’t keep doing this to kind-hearted and loving women. He refused to return my personal property just to keep himself involved and able to pop back into my life. People who maliciously lie and use other’s trust & generosity should not just be able to walk away with no worries…


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