Angie Moore Greeson, Acworth, Georgia, USA

Angie Moore Greeson, Acworth, Georgia, is a cheater but she is also something else which happens to be a bigoted racist who has targeted her racist bigotry against Black males or African-American men. This has shown itself in her being against African-American or Black males for serious relationship desires or intentions with them because she has judged these men on their skin color and therefore has seen them as not fit to be with because their skin color is Black and hers is not. Her racist bigotry reveals Angie Moore Greeson to be a completely evil-minded, heinous, corrupt, and malevolent individual which she is simply because she believes her race is superior to those men who are Black or African American. She must be revealed for all to see what she is which is the ugly and scornful racist monster and mentally defective bigot she is.


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