Angela Hill Loeb-Richey, Dallas, Texas

I met my husband 12 years ago. At the time he was married & I was in a relationship. We all became good friends. 5 years had gone by & we had all re-located to different states and I decided to reach out to the both of them. I had never called his wife b/c she never answered her phone. He proceeded to tell me that he and his wife were getting a divorce. He was living in Houston and she and their children were in Boerne Texas. We decided to meet and it was completely amazing. He had explained to me that although they had not filed for Divorce they were officially separated and planning to divorce. I read emails that stated this as well. When she discovered it was me she freaked out and decided to change her story and tell everyone that they had this rock solid foundation and were happily married. She tried her hardest to make my life a living h**l, even was arrested for assault on me! They finally got divorced and I have been married to my husband for 7 years, I might add longer than what they had been married for. About a year or so ago I noticed that they were talking frequently. I myself am divorced and I know what is an appropriate relationship and I immediately felt that this was not. I doubted myself and was called “Crazy” on numerous occasions by friends & Family. This woman has been married 4 times. She has cheated on every single husband she has had. She even had an affair with my husband’s father and for all we know is still having an affair with him. She refuses to move away from Boerne Texas because the father in law lives there and she wants to be close. Well unfortunately I was right and They were having an affair. I found naked pictures of her V****a and his P***s on my husband’s computer. I also uncovered all of their text messages and emails and found out that she was the one that initiated the affair by saying she had a “Dream” about him. Their fist encounter was in my house from then on parking lots at Chuy’s Mexican restrauant in the afternoon in her car. Classy! . Oh I am sorry, La cantera mall in the parking lot in San Antonio Texas, her house in the bathroom while their children were in the other room and again in her car while the kids were in his car parked next to them while they had s*x oh but their kids didn’t see anything!? It was a lot in the backseat of her car and there were the occasional b******g. She doesn’t count those because remember it’s not exactly s*x… She texted him about having s*x with other “Things and objects” and she said she fantasized of having a threesome with my husband and his father and she would take control of both of them. She said “Like Father, Like Son I f****d you both and I know exactly what to do and will have both ends full!” I am not making this up!! It is crazy and she has brought Crazy into my life. She says she is a Christian woman…She has no idea of what a Christian woman is like and I can tell you one thing she is NOT one. She even converted to Judaism for one of her husbands and then when she got divorced from that man she cursed the religion by saying she was to good to be a “Jew”. Ladies this woman will stop at nothing to get your man. She is a Chameleon and will do anything to get what she wants. She wants everyone in her community of Boerne Texas as well as her hometown of Kaufman Texas to think she is the Parent, Mother, Friend and Wife of the year and that she is a upstanding citizen of the state of Texas. I feel sorry for her friends. All she did was text terrible things about them, that they were all fat & Ugly or that none of them could make their husbands happy..There was one story about her best friend that I thought was appalling, Angela texted my husband and said she had made some mistakes and there was one in particular that she had an affair with her best friend’s husband. She had worked for the husband as a recruiter during the time of her divorce from my husband and they carried out this affair for months. She once again would have s*x anywhere, Cars, Public bathrooms, her apartment you name it. She even had s*x with this guy in her best friend’s powder room while all of their kids played. That is just wrong to do to your best friend!! What kind of role model is she for her children? This woman is everyone’s nightmare! She is a very Sick Sick individual and will betray you. She obviously has no loyalty including her own children. She is out for Number One and that is ANGELA LYNN HILL-BURTON-CAPLOVITZ-LOEB-RICHEY and counting……Your Husband may be next…..STAY AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN!!!


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