Andy Ruschmann, Iowa

This guy is a pathetic loser. Don’t give him the time of Day or he will stalk you, Call and text you like 100 times a day. He used to have money but now hes a broke loser that lives at home with his Mom. He weighs like 300 pounds and has a 1 inch p***s. Pretend to like him and he will loan you money. H**l i’ve tricked him into raising a kid he knows isn’t his. Guy is a sexual predator, pervert, lazy, piece of s**t. Hes done so many sick things to me. Your never going to see your money stud, i wouldn’t f**k you if you were the last man on earth. I cheated on you the entire time we dated cause your little tiny d**k couldn’t satisfy me. You like to post s**t on others , how do you like it Andrew ?


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