Andy Barbosa, Glendale, Arizona

Sooooo this POS got my friend pregnant. Of course, his ex (who he’s still got unresolved issues with) and his female BFF (who wants him for herself) are both in his ear, talking about my friend is lying, if she is pregnant, it’s not his, so on and so forth. Let me tell you, my friend is 45, not some 20 y/o tryna hold onto some dude. She is pregnant with twin girls. She has given him the ultrasound pictures. Asked him to come to the Dr appts. He doesn’t follow thru. His ex said she won’t allow their kids to interact with the babies, as far as she’s concerned his only kids are the ones he had from their marriage. So now my friend, who already has a grown daughter and grandson, is starting all over, with twins at that, while this POS skates away, free to do his own thing. Keep an eye out for him, ladies…not an ounce of real man to be found!!!


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