Andrew Oliver, Massachusetts

Andrew Oliver is the most selfish, heartless, manipulative man you will ever meet. He is verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive and enjoys exploiting womens’ vulnerabilities to make them feel worthless and dependent on him. He has a long history of seeking out women with mental illness or emotional instabilities and taking advantage of them. I was unfortunately one of his many victims. By the end of the relationship he would make me cry and feel terrible about myself on a daily basis. He got me pregnant and then dumped me when he found out. When I told him I was keeping the baby, however, he suddenly was sweet as can be – he promised me that if I aborted the pregnancy we would get back together and that he would cover all my medical bills and provide whatever emotional support I needed. In my state of emotional trauma I actually believed him. Unsurprisingly, after he drove me home from the clinic I never heard from him again. After trying for weeks to get him to keep his promise about paying the medical bills, he filed for a restraining order against me for harassment. I also was later diagnosed with gonorrhea, which could only mean that he cheated on me during our relationship. Unless you want to be hurt and manipulated in every way possible – stay away from this man!


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