Andrew Chin New York, NY

He lures girls in with his constant attention and forms an emotional connection early on. You think the amount of attention he is giving you means he’s interested. He may by, but not with just you. He continues to talk to other girls consistently (like all day, every day) on the side. He sleeps with them when he gets a chance and jerks off to the snaps they send and he send back. He even jerks off in the private bathroom of his office to naked snaps.

He’s a lying a*****e. We were in an “exclusive” relationship for over a year and he was sleeping with other people and sexting and lying to other girls about his relationship with me.

Don’t fall for the nice guy, sensitive, likes to talk and give you loads of attention s**t. He’s doing the same thing to a handful of other girls.

Don’t waste your time.


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