Andrea Cecilia Godwin. Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

This seriously oblivious chick can’t keep her mouth closed. Don’t count on her keeping your intimate life a secret because you Will Be Let Down. It’s safe to assume that anything that happens between the two of you, her Family already knows in detail. She has snuck into guys windows late at night, took vacations with men behind my back, b******s from nearby neighbors, had s*x with guys in bathrooms of her twin sisters parties, etc..The number of times she’s cheated is literally immeasurable & the list goes on. When finally confronted, she eventually admitted to doing these things, promised she wouldn’t, and kept doing them..pretty much to my face. And this was Before the above stuff even Happened OoO.. Her Sister and friends told me alot actually. Big Hearted Guys..KEEP CLEAR. Stay away, don’t date, or find out the hard way~


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